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A secure foundation for cloud operations.

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Cloud Config

A secure foundation for cloud operations.

Cloud Config significantly reduces your cloud adoption schedule and cost. Some companies will spend months internally debating individual cloud tools, trying to figure out how they all work together or wondering if their efforts will lead to a secure, standards compliant enterprise framework. Cloud Config provides a secure, centrally-managed, replicable, enterprise cloud framework in less than a day.

Common Challenges with Cloud Adoption & Administration

  • Unfamiliar with how to implement safe, secure, standards-based cloud solutions, and struggle with PCI, SOX, HIPAA compliance.
  • Complications with setting up continuous testing, integration, and delivery cycles.
  • Unanticipated challenges in learning cloud tools and processes.
  • Schedule slippage and cost overruns due to inexperience with configuring end-to-end cloud solutions.

The Cloud Config Advantage

  • Standards Compliance

    CIS compliant platform to support your needs in regard to PCI, SOX, and HIPAA compliance.
  • Identity & Access Management

    Secure access control using your existing directory or cloud service — you choose the option that works best for you.
  • Application Hosting

    Enterprise application management with all the services you need to host everything your organization has to offer.
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

    Opensource automation server configuration that provides a managed continuous integration and continuous deployment process.
  • Network Security

    Secure network management that adapts to the way you conduct operations.
  • Logging & Analytics

    Secure, flexible approach to logging and analytics using the best tools available.
  • Dependency Risk Mitigation

    Self-contained environment with fast, secure access to fundamental items across instances.

Cloud Config is the fastest way to implement cloud best-practices and information security for the enterprise.

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Access Manager for Linux

The best way to secure Linux assets on your networks.

Access Manager is the only security management tool designed to centrally secure and manage Linux assets. Without Access Manager your networks are vulnerable to exploitation by the Linux machines themselves, let alone the people using them.

Common Challenges with Linux Security Management

  • Unable to ensure disk encryption for a computer that is lost or stolen.
  • No way to remotely wipe a disk in a computer that is lost or stolen.
  • Unable to automatically rotate encryption keys.
  • No way to access an encrypted drive if the password is forgotten.

The Access Manager Advantage

  • Audit History

    Event logging that tracks when a computer is enrolled in the service and record its encryption status on regular intervals.
  • Remote Disk Wipe

    Ability to minimize risk of compromising your data when a computer is lost or stolen by triggering remote deletion of data.
  • Administrator Secured Access

    Utilize administrator services to gain access to an encrypted drive if the password is forgotten or the computer user has left the organization.
  • Encryption Key Rotation

    Automatically rotate encryption keys to mitigation the risk of compromising security.

IronBench Access Manager is the best way to centrally enforce your organization's information security policy and ensure your Linux assets are protected throughout the enterprise.

Compliance Navigator

The easiest way to establish a solid compliance program for your organization.

Compliance Navigator is the only compliance management tool that guides you through the process of identifying standards that apply to you and prioritizing your activities so you address the most important things first. Without Compliance Navigator you could be wasting time and money on risks that are less relevant or even inapplicable to your business.

Common Challenges with Starting and Maintaining a Compliance Program

  • Unsure what compliance standards apply to your organization or when.
  • Unsure what it takes to implement a regulatory compliance program.
  • No good way to track compliance-related activities against applicable standards.
  • Unaware when changes in standards may impact your organization's compliance.

The Compliance Navigator Advantage

  • Standards Applicability

    Compliance Navigator learns about you and guides you to the standards that are appropriate for your organization.
  • Activity Tracking

    Log your actions taken in regard to applicable standards and attach applicable documentation as you see fit.
  • Compliance Program Templates

    Jump-start your compliance program with professional templates that help you establish a solid compliance plan.
  • Updated Standards Notification

    Stay on top of changes that affect your organization with automatic notification when standards updates are published.

IronBench Compliance Navigator is the best way to quickly establish your compliance program and stay current as standards and regulations change.

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